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As we grow you will be supported by a successful business group with one goal in mind: helping you build your business.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed. As a client you will benefit from an array of various tips and services, from
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As we grow we will present to you more opportunities.
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Why We Give 10% back with our Integrity Dollars Program (click here)

Our Company seeks to give back to the Non-Profit Group or Church of your choice from every membership or product sold through our pages. We believe that we are to return this portion back to the community, and it is the purpose of this web development is to do just that.  We seek to allow our clients (members, which list on our site) to choose their local church or a preferred non-profit charity where 10% of their payment will be directed. Also for any referrals you provide when they became paid members you will be entitled to “earn” 10% referral fee which can be used for charity or cash back earning. (in this case a 1099 form is required for tax purpose). We feel this is ethically correct based on honesty and good will and will benefit any decent human being Christian or non-Christian. Also, this will encourage churches, to tell their members about this site, and small businesses to participate in our Integrity Dollars Program, in essence potentially gaining more money for their own churches or non profit groups.  Again, we feel this is the right thing to do, and it will follow integrity principles set forth.  It also helps all churches and any charitable group whose members use Integrity Chamber or Integrity Yellow Pages to promote their products or services.

The is very simple: whenever an individual lists a product or service, all fees from that individual to the website will be registered and 10% will be returned to that individual or chosen church or non-profit entity as Integrity Dollars!  As an important note, we will NOT choose a church or non-profit organization.  The website collects a percentage of the advertising dollars, as part of the fee from a business which has a paid membership. For those with an annual pre-paid membership the percentage will be reimbursed within 30 days, for those paying monthly, every quarter or after approximate 135 days and every quarter then after.  
We feel this will encourages people to want to use the site, knowing they can bless others with the click of a mouse, or a referral. Those who potentially do not wish to choose a church or non-profit organization have to sign a waiver which will allow us to make a wise decision. No matter what, we decided from our start-up that 10% of our listing fee will go to local, national and international charities. This will expose people to the important principle of helping those in need, and with 5,000 web pages our links on many subjects like “How to improve your WebSite ” or be “Financially Free”, get “Out of Debt” and others, hopefully we will help those in need or who never before considered Internet a viable source of business success.

All churches and organizations will obviously not be able to be listed at the outset of this website.  However, users will be able to upload their church (with full name and address to be approved by the website), so that their profile will always be linked to this church (this can be changed to another church or organization at any time by the user).  Over time, our hope is that many if not all churches will be listed so that you can find your church with a few clicks of a mouse!

It is impossible to verify the validity and beliefs of all churches and non-profit organizations. We will do our best to validate their status. If you decide not to direct the funds or you submit a cancellation note to stop funding a entity, we will make a decision in our own where the funds can be best directed. If you disagree we expect to be notified in writing no later than 14 days from our decision. The 10% contribution will be directed to the official non-profit organizations approved by United States tax code however, we reserve the right to refuse certain churches and organizations if complaints are filed and concerns are raised as to their true validity and organizational system of a particular church, group or none-profit organization.  The website Integrity Chamber.com or Integrity Yellow Pages.com (and its owner members and associates of Cyberland LLC.) will be held free of any responsibility for internal affairs of any of this organization nor does guarantee on how their funding and belief system works. From case to case Cyberland LLC. will make the final decision on appropriation after a careful consideration.

Of note, it is the current plan of the website to make payments to churches and Christian organizations on a quarterly or semi annual schedule. The website has the right to change this payment schedule at its own discretion. Also, the website will withhold from the total amount owed to a particular church or entity the current amount for postage fees. Finally, checks will not be released until a threshold amount of $50.00 or more is owed to a particular church or Christian organization to prevent the mailing of potentially small sums of money. Each time the website's check disbursement schedule is reached; all money owed (that surpasses the $50.00 minimum amount) will be mailed to that church or organization. If a church is owed less than $50.00, this amount will continue to accumulate until the $50.00 minimum is reached and a check will be mailed at the next check disbursement date. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at our websites: Integrity Chamber.com or Integrity Yellow Pages.com!

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